It Just Keeps Coming

I’m a collector. And I collect experiences as much or more than I do “things.” For instance, think of a magazine as a potential experience instead of just an object. I’m looking forward to the experience of reading it and “having” more knowledge or entertainment.

However, I finally realized that It Just Keeps Coming. I don’t need to save old unread magazines; they just keep coming. If I miss my favorite radio show one week, there will be another one next week. Can I send unused counter-top appliances to the thrift store for someone else to use? Yes, because in our land of plenty, I can always go to a thrift store and get a functional replacement.

I am not going to be able to consume all of the world’s delights that hold interest for me. Life is like a vast buffet that stretches down for a mile, with more dishes than any one of us could taste in our lifetime; that’s why we have to be so many different people (heh!).

So let it go. We aren’t going to be, do, and have all that we can imagine. Write down all your options and interests, set your priorities, and let the rest go away with a friendly wave goodbye.


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